Organize an Event

Organizing an event with FASEB allows you to advance research in—and foster a community around—a specific area of research in the life sciences. Becoming an organizer also positions you as a leader in your community, building your credibility and advancing your career.   

FASEB makes organizing an event easier. Our professional meetings team helps with all areas of managing your conference, from booking venues to arranging accommodations to helping secure sponsorships. Moreover, with FASEB, you have complete control over topic and speaker selection—something other organizations can’t always promise.

And now FASEB offers two different conference event formats, depending on the organizer experience level and maturity of the topic: Science Research Conferences and Catalyst Conferences.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Policy

FASEB is committed to sustaining diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in the biological and biomedical sciences. Our goal is to create and support a conference environment that is welcoming and safe for all. FASEB believes inclusion of diverse participants, including attendees and speakers, is critical to the scientific and educational integrity of conferences. Organizers are expected to design programs that reflect this commitment. View our listing of diversity resources for organizers.