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Science Museum of Virginia Features BioArt Awards

Monday, September 25, 2023
A select group of FASEB BioArt Award winning entries are on display at the Science Museum of Virginia. Titled
BioArt: Finding Beauty in Research, the exhibit features 30 BioArt Award images and videos. The imagery showcases the work of scientists and researchers studying bone development, fungal infections, the mechanics of hearing, and cancer. Giving the public a look at the unconventional beauty of biological data offers a unique and creative perspective on the research process.

BioArt Awards are presented annually to honor original, visually stunning photographs, illustrations, data visualizations, or videos that effectively communicate an important aspect of 21st century biological and biomedical research. For more information about submissions for the 2023 BioArt Awards, visit

BioArt: Finding Beauty in Research will be on display at the museum until Spring 2024.